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Villa Bain

Villa Bain Bath and Body Products: Bath Confetti, Wand, and Cubes Shower Cubes

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About Villa Bain: We designed our line to serve many types of customers through quality, assortment, and pricing.

Bath Wand

A unique and modern twist on our traditional bath cube. Our products are called cubes because they melt into your skin as well as balance / soften your water. TWhat makes this product different than our cubes is first we added skin safe non staining dyes to turn the water into swirls of colors. We added dry ingredients such as pink himalayan salt and skin safe shimmer (eco glitter). Second, the shape and name (wand) is designed to be playful. You can "paint the water" allowing to be more immersed in the bath experience as it dissolves. The wand is 7" long (7x1x1) and will last for two baths or one long lingering dreamy bath. Great for gift boxes!

Bath Cubes

Our bath cubes are skin loving goodness. Enriched with coconut oil and shea butter to help soothe and nourish the skin. Safe for children loved by all.  Handmade small batch

Bath Confetti

Throw some confetti around and celebrate with this fun bathtime treat. A perfect sized box full of fun colored bath fizz is waiting for you. Throw some confetti around and celebrate with this fun bathtime treat. Perfect addition to care packages or gift boxes.  Handmade, small batch.

Shower Cubes

Perfect treats for the shower lover. Great for travel, dorm dwellers, men, and mothers to be. Perfect for a quick pick me up. Also a popular item among those undergoing chemotherapy treatments. An aromatherapy experience guaranteed to have customers coming back for more!