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deStain Wipes Instant Clothes Stain Removal Innovative Technology Environmentally Friendly

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    Box of 10 OR Invividual
    • CLEAN CLOTHES ON THE GO: Say goodbye to the stress of spilled coffee during your morning commute or that accidental splash of sauce during lunch meetings. With deStain at your fingertips, you have a powerful tool to instantly erase stains and keep your clothes looking impeccable no matter where you are.
    • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY: Our innovative formula, developed in the UK, has been meticulously crafted to target a wide range of stains, from the stubborn and notorious to the everyday mishaps. The convenience of deStain wipes means you don't have to carry bulky stain removers or wait until you get home to tackle stains.
    • QUICK AND EASY TO USE : Compact and portable, deStain fits seamlessly into your fast-paced life. Slip a few into your purse, briefcase, gym bag, or even your car's glove compartment. Whether you're heading to a business meeting, a dinner date, or a weekend adventure, deStain ensures you're always prepared to face what life throws at you (quite literally)!
    • KIND TO THE ENVIRONMENT: Not only does deStain empower you to effortlessly remove stains on the go, but it also does so with a commitment to our planet. Crafted with an eco-conscious approach, deStain wipes are designed to minimize their environmental footprint while maximizing their stain-fighting prowess
    • HOW TO USE: Simply tear open the sachet, rub the wipe thoroughly onto the stain, sit back & relax and let deStain make the stain disappear.