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Allure Pure Love Essence

Allure Pure Love Essence - Sunkissed

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Imparts an ethereal, scented veil over body, hair & clothing.

Uplifting notes of bright citrus evoke memories of sun soaked beach days, while undertones of creamy vanilla & soft musk envelope you like a warm summer night. Infused with natural essential oils; glass bottle is adorned with genuine carnelian gemstones {the self-confidence & creativity stone}.

warm musk | bright citrus | creamy vanilla

Sunkissed Sheer Essence Mist

Imparts an ethereal aromatic veil over your body, clothing and mane.

1.0oz. $55

Sunkisssed Pure Essence Oil (10 ml)

Imports a richer aroma that remains closer to your skin and is design for application to your pulse points.

Price: $52

Sunkissed Hair serum 1.0 Oz Dropper